Wheel Drives


Our planetary gearboxes for wheels are the best solution for any application, wherever it is necessary to achieve high performances.

Our solid joint system avails itself of special bearings properly desigend to withstand high radial and axial loads, in order to achieve the greatest and highest performances.

Our gearboxes are able to reach speed levels and output torque higher than any other competitor.

The innovating feature of our wheel gearboxes is the integrated dynamic brake able to slow down until 30 Km / h.





Main features:

  • Input speed up to 4000 rpm
  • Output torques up to 800.000 Nm
  • Properly sized bearings designed for high load values - extremely long lasting
  • Several available ratio
  • Integrated parking brake
  • Integrated dynamic brake
  • Available with different types of hydraulic motors
  • Possibility to customize the connecting flanges

FRITEC is able to design and customize the right product just for you