Pump drives



The Stiebel pump drives can be used both in hydrostatic machines and hydraulic systems when mechanical power must be converted into hydraulic power. They are positioned between the diesel (or electric) engine  and one or more hydraulic pumps.

The Stiebel pump drives are built through a modular system allowing to achieve the lowest production costs and the best price/quality ratio.

Thanks to its special internal oil circulation system combined to a suitable frame finning, it's possible to work without forced circulation system and oil cooling, in order to get a solid and strong structure, as well as low costs and easy application to the machine.

There are seven available sizes  (XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) with power input up to 1600 kW.

The pump drives reach up to 8 outputs. The coupling with the diesel engine is possible through universal joints according to SAE rules or through different sizes belts.

The flexible joints interposed between the diesel engine and the pump enable the engine vibration damping, in order to preserve the whole "power-pack" made by motor-coupling-pump driving-pumps.