Power Shift


Our planetary gearboxes equipped with integrated speed transmission represent a high advanced product from a technical point of view. They can be used for all applications requiring different rotating speeds and torques.

There are three types of gearboxes:

1. Mechanical gearbox (started by hand)
2. Mechanicall gearbox (started by compressed air)
3. Hydraulic gearbox (started by hydraulically controlled clutch)

The mechanical speed transmission does not allow the engagement/disengagement under load: in fact engagement/disengagement is possible at a zero value rotating speed.

The hydraulic speed transmission allows the engagement and disengagement even under load, i.e. at a not zero value rotation speed.

Main features:

  • Input speed up to 4000 rpm.
  • Output torques up to 180,000 Nm
  • Several available ratio
  • Up to 5 different speeds
  • Available neutral position
  • Possibility to be used with different types of engines (diesel, electric, hydraulic).
  • Ability to customize input and output (flanges, shafts, etc.).

Possible applications:

  • Directional drilling
  • Special winches
  • Agricultural machinery