Hoisting Winch



Our winches have been present and well  known in the International market for many years thanks to their high performances and long-term duration.

High standards of design, construction and service make our winches the best strategic choice for each application.

Line pull on demand.

All winches are produced using highly selected materials and are assembled by hand, with great availability of several options to meet the most different needs.




Main features:

• Wave compensating system

• Smooth or grooved drum

• Wire ropes on demand

• Pulley block and hooks

• Level winder

• Tension roller

•  Empty / full drum limit switch

•  Load limit device

•  ATEX compliant

•  Different motor / gearbox combination

•  Different drum sizes

•  Navy painting on request

•  FEM CLASS M5 L2 T5 ( other classes on request )