Bevel Helical Gearbox



Our bevel helical gearboxes are available in three different versions.

Quarry Master

The Stiebel Quarry Master bevel helical gearboxes are high quality products, particularly suitable for conveyor belts, for aggregates up to 90 KW. Thanks to its outing shaft configurations and sizes, this product can be also used in the maintenance field, being very easy to assemble.

The coupling between the gearbox and the electric motor is oil bath, therefore it can be easily removed even after many years.

The Quarry Masters gearboxes are ready for delivery.

Quarry master high power.

The Stiebel Quarry Master High Powerl, are particularly suitable for conveyor belts, for aggregates and cranes. The installed power reaches 710 KW.

These bevel gearboxes are built on a fixed support together with an electric motor. Connection is possible through mechanical or fluid system. It's also possible to assemble a disc brake.

Industrial right angle drive

FRITEC offers the  bevel gearboxes for several industrial applications.